About us

We are an independent agency of the Government of the State of Queretaro, who are dedicated to the training of human resources. With 21 years of experience in the field and through 7 Campuses and 2 Mobile Actions we contribute to promote and consolidate formal training programs for work punctually in the 18 municipalities of Queretaro. By this, we provide to businesses and public entities development trainings to their specific needs to help contribute to their competitiveness.
We seek to develop the talent and the human resources capacity, promoting their links with the equipment necessary according to the needs of the labor market.

En 1994 gracias al apoyo de la Secretaría de Educación Pública y el Gobierno del Estado de Querétaro se establece el Instituto de Capacitación para el Trabajo del Estado de Querétaro(ICATEQ) como un organismo descentralizado que contribuye a impulsar y consolidar programas de Capacitación Formal para el Trabajo en la Entidad. Así pues la Capacitación Formal para el Trabajo se ofrece a personas adolescentes y adultas a efecto de que se puedan incorporar productivamente al mercado laboral o bien autoemplearse, y constituye un proceso educativo que permite adquirir los conocimientos, habilidades, destrezas y actitudes necesarias para desarrollar tareas que contribuyan al desarrollo personal y colectivo.

Design and deliver/teach high quality and permanence training for the jobs. Promote self-employment and give the necessary training to help the development of new jobs profiles that are required in the productive sector of goods and services. This contribution will lead to the competitiveness of businesses and social development of our state.

To be the best institution of formal training for the way of life and workforce, take care of the needs of both society and the productive sector of goods and services with professionalism, have the best infrastructure and offer various training courses and remain the main training option throughout our state.

En ICATEQ nos comprometemos a atender con profesionalismo las necesidades de capacitación, evaluación y certificación de nuestros clientes.

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Love of work
  • Humility
  • Perseverance
  • Integrity
  • Lealtad


Fray Eusebio Francisco Kino #70 Col. Cimatario. Querétaro,Qro. C.P. 76030
Tel. (442) 348-1100 ext. 1100
E-mail: servicio@icateq.edu.mx


This program is public, it not promoted by any political party and its resources come from the revenue they bring all taxpayers. It is forbidden to use for personal, political, electoral, profit and other than those established by the program. Who misused the resources of this program it must be denounced and punished in accordance with applicable law and with the competent authority.